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McNees Jewelers 1.0 (1934 – 1966)

Two brothers, Wib and Glenn McNees, having fought in the big war (WW!), returned to Western PA and worked on the railroad and in the coal mines respectively. After the depression, in 1934, Wib and Glenn took advantage of bargain prices and bought a jewelry business and its building at 1108 Pennsylvania Avenue from a Monaca optometrist for $5,000. The young men were so proud of their purchase and new life that their business records indicate they referred to the inventory as ‘cheap dirt’.

When Glenn died unexpectedly, and much too young in 1952, Wib’s wife, Pearl, entered the picture and worked at the store for 15 years. Pearl developed a card and gift shop to supplement the jewelry business with its watch and clock repair store. In those early days, jewelers and watchmakers were the biggest lenders in town. They allowed customers to buy goods and purchase services over time with interest-free ‘notes’.

McNees Jewelers 2.0 (1966 - 1993)

Their only son, Mickey, returned from WWII, as a 21 year-old in 1948 ready to work within the family business. So, he went to watchmaker’s school, graduated, and served the family business for 45 years. He was the most popular watchmaker and repairman around.

In 1966, Wib and Pearl retired and sold the store to Mickey and his wife, Jean. They raised and paid for their seven children through the results of the jewelry business, watch repairs, and gift sales until Mickey died in ’93…the same year that Pearl expired.

McNees Jewelers 3.0 (1993 - 2011)

At that time, Jean sold the business to her oldest surviving son, Mike, and he along with a couple of friends, and his wife, Jo, gave it a go at another location just down the main street of Monaca, 929 Pennsylvania Avenue. Mike and Jo maintained a storefront presence on the main street of Monaca until Jean passed away in 1998.

In 1999, the third generation owners converted the “mom and pop” shop to a “personal jeweler’s” operation, and that’s the way the business operated even after they relocated to Annapolis while keeping the business Monaca-based.

McNees Jewelers 4.0 (2011 – present)

With the virtual world, as it is today, McNees Jewelers transformed again to a web-based, virtual group of personal jewelers with a family orientation. We are Mike and sons... Matt and Jeff, who along with their wives operate locally within their respective communities and engage a worldwide supply chain to ensure our clients get the most value for the least cost.

The “Robin Hood” philosophy

Mike, Matt, and Jeff provide the finest designs and manufacture American jewelry. McNees Jewelers also provides off the shelf goods in a certified and insured way to protect our clientele from fraud and abuse. We obtain diamonds from Antwerp and India and from around the United States in bulk and thereby eliminate the wholesaler’s and retailer’s overhead and mark-up’s. Our custom jewelry reflects a rich, family tradition that serves each cherished customer by allowing them to benefit with the most value in diamonds, gems, precious metals, and fine gifts for the least cost on earth.

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